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Kingdom / Re: Chapter 549
« on: March 06, 2018, 08:13:13 am »
IU think that last page, was the best, the angle, the wide view of Kyou Kai standing there among corpses, is chilling and powerful at thesame time. I like these double spreads. And Hara sensei is a master doing these.

It's rare than a opponen can make Shin end this bad but it is a testament of its caliber ad that the guy is not pushover. I agree with you too, he fnally is getting the hang on Ouki's Glaive so he is in the path to become a more deadly opponent :D I look foward to it.

Btw, dunno if we can comment here (if not, feel free to delete it, i am newto the site so i am clicking everywhere xD)

Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 550
« on: March 06, 2018, 07:51:39 am »
New member here! Hi!  8)

Thank you very much for the new chapter. I am thankfull for these moments of respite between battles, and see how all the people has been doing. Poor Kanto, and the new recruits, they surely got the short end of the stick :( but the little reunions where moving, i hope these dudes can survive the whole campaign (and where are the archer brothers?). At leats Sosui is still up and ready and checking on his men, he is one of my favorites in the Hi Shin Unit.

The Kyoukai and Shin moment has been good enough to light the moment but still things are dire for them along Ouhon and Mouten if the Zhao want to get rid of them. I am curious about that devlopment.

Things are getting darker and darker and that makes things the more exciting. Riboku has one of a hell of a winning hand on there not counting what the white haired dude did to QIn's food supplies, dunno if Riboku knows what have happened on that end. Things gonna get bad, fast if Quin ends without food.

I am glad this is weekly, or i would be dying xD (all the best to Hara sensei for his hard work.)

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