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Releases / Re: Kingdom Chapter 600 & Giveaway
« on: May 15, 2019, 01:57:16 am »
Thanks for all the chapters so far!

If I had to pick one of my favorite moments, then it would be shins character arc where ouki gave shin his training.
Shin realised how weak he and childish he really was and you still see the ripple effects affecting his growth through all the arcs!
It became even more apparent in this one :)!!!

Announcements / Re: To You, The Immortal Giveaway!
« on: November 01, 2017, 12:23:30 pm »
If I had to pick something specific I would say that Fushi as "johann" is my favorite character.

Don't get me wrong I loved the "gugu" arc as it was filled with lots of emotions, love and the fact that Fushi learned that he needed to rely on help of others to become better, stronger and you name it as us humans have to. Fushi has to "grow" by "adding" people to him in a literal and figurative sense. We humans have to work together to achieve our goals in a timely manner and nothing will ever really change that (aside from maybe superior A.I. :P), not even being immortal will do that.

You see it as Fushi ends up defeating stronger itterations of the "knockers". All the pain (from which we learn), the help (from other people) and the perseverance/courage (that is needed to keep going on) are going to make Fushi.... no rather "humanity" capable of reaching the highest heights. I am sure that, that is one of the main messages of this manga if not the most important one.

Anyway I have been getting carried away and sidetracked! So about "Johann". What I like about him is that from a rock (an inanimate object) he turned into a wolf (an animated object). This is in my opinion on of the most significant transformations Fushi went through. It is as if he was born as a "human". Not in a literal sense of course, but more as being born out of "nothingness" to being a "baby" that crawls and thus really starts its life. He now feels pain and some level of emotion like (almost) every animal. Much like how we started as "monkeys" and ending up being humans. That is coincidentally what happens! The moment the nameless boy died, Johann became an human. Afterwhich we get to the first part I wrote, where he learns more about his emotions, what it is like to have a destination/goals and what it is to be "human" in general.

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