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Kingdom / Chapter 600
« on: May 15, 2019, 10:45:34 am »
It seems that Ko Zen was nothing like Ou Hon’s adjutant and instead chose to pamper Mou Ten. Mou Bu didn’t want anything to do with him and I don’t blame him, who likes changing diapers, but if he did maybe he would’ve turned out stronger and likely to inherit Ou Hon’s mean streak. I’m pretty sure that would have made his character less interesting or maybe not.

I’m not sure I know what Hou Ken’s role is anymore. Ri Boku said he seeks closure, so why attack the wrong crowd. Is he that dense? It’s not like he specifically searched for Shin among the soldiers, no, he just randomly attacked and wandered right back into the bush. I’m beginning to think that he’s mental and therefore unstable in fact I’m altogether losing interest in the character. Zhao’s enemies and fcol his enemies have been on his land for two weeks engaged in three distinct zones and it’s only now relevant to him. We all know why he is granted the military rank of GG and why he holds the distinguish position of TGH yet it seems wasted on him. It’s Ri Boku’s fault because he can’t control him or reason with him. In critical situations he’s worthless if he can’t contribute to the team when necessary. As a Zhao he needs to be held accountable but Ri Boku is way too lenient.

Unless Gyou’un is ambidextrous I don’t see how he can make a difference. Wonder if Ri Boku knows about his arm. It doesn’t matter because Shin isn’t going to engage him or Ba Nan Ji because Ou Sen has finally given the right wing an order but that means that if they succeed their backs are vulnerable to the same army they’re meant to elude. Maybe Ou Hon is meant to keep this army occupied. I don’t think he’s going to like that.

Kingdom / Chapter 599
« on: May 06, 2019, 04:20:44 pm »
I’m still recovering from last night’s tragic episode of Game of Thrones and now Kingdom hits us with Hou Ken. Now is not the time for this bs. He just had to pick the wrong crowd. If he’s looking for Shin just ask I’m sure someone will point him in the right direction to his camp lol.

Kingdom / Chapter 598
« on: April 23, 2019, 07:15:26 pm »
Hectic day people, I couldn’t wait to get home and read the chapter again in peace and quiet. Wow, Shin is unstoppable! He’s clearly on another level and it happened right under my nose lol. I reminded of the time Ou Ki gave his unit a name (ch.121), but there was more and not in this order, he said that, “if he killed the enemy’s talented generals, especially the ones more capable at leadership or analyzing the field, the greater the disruption when they are lost” (ch.120). I don’t know if he was listening or not but it rings true. What will Chou Ga Ryuu’s colleagues do now? How will they cope with his defeat? I suspect they may search for a way to approach Shin as a team coz I don’t see how else they can beat him.

(Ch.130 Pg.21)

Kingdom / Chapter 597
« on: April 18, 2019, 10:02:50 am »
Do we attribute Rin Shou Jo’s foresight as genuine or is his deteriorating health responsible? Who knows? At least, we get the big reveal. Still, I think he* got it wrong cause the only one ‘slaughtering enemies drove after drove’ is the HSU. This is my takeaway concerning their friendly banter.

Hope Chou Ga Ryuu puts up a good fight. Anyone else worried about the HSU’s HQ?

Ref.Ch.541 (*)

Kingdom / Chapter 596
« on: April 10, 2019, 05:31:35 pm »
I don’t know what to expect from the following chapter. Twice now, we have all been witness to some sort of indication, that Chou Ga Ryuu has finally realized the essential meaning behind his lord’s last words. Either he’s preparing to die or finding another way out of this predicament. I can’t say which for sure, but whenever he recalls a conversation with his CO I assume he’s seeking for a solution, basically how to better handle Shin and the HSU. This is how I interpret his short flashes of recollection. I wish we had more insight into what is going through his mind instead of the small doses that keep distracting him, and all of us.

I’m a little surprised that Kyou Kai has the strength to join the HSU. Our previous mental image portrayed a different Kyou Kai, someone who might take longer to recoup. I expected to see Ou Hon or A Kou, well, more so Ou Hon. I guess Kyou Kai’s medicine proved to be nothing more than just plain old ointment and there’s nothing miraculous about it. Anyway, I wonder what Ri Boku is thinking. We know he’s been keeping tabs on his army’s wings and it’s impossible to make an assist without Ou Sen capitalizing on it. But, will he or someone on his team take the risk? And, will Chou Ga Ryuu face Shin or mislead us all?

(Ch.596 Pg.20)

Kingdom / Chapter 595
« on: April 02, 2019, 10:56:37 am »
A little busy right now but definitely want to discuss Kyou Kai anyway I need time to absorb the rest of the chapter.

To all who are the best, indeed!

(Ch.595 Pg.21) RIP Shou Sa.

Kingdom / Chapter 594
« on: March 19, 2019, 02:58:25 pm »
I ignored Shin’s injury last week because I honestly thought it was pretty insignificant. I thought he would brush it off as nothing more than a flesh wound but, that’s not the case. And now, Kyou Kai is forced to push her limits once again. I want to say I like her new plan but the Zhao are now aware of her weakness. If she drifts too far ahead of everyone else she may not get the breather she needs to continue. Then again, everyone is doing the same, so why do I feel like this is all a big mistake. Well, I hate to stress this fact but with everyone so focused on getting Chou Ga Ryuu it’s possible and maybe even accurate to say, that they are oblivious to everything else, especially HQ. Personally, I don’t care what happens to HQ. The only reason I refer to it (again) is because Ten is there. And, I’d hate for history to repeat itself. Suppose she's taken hostage? What then? Chou Ga Ryuu’s tactics kinda remind me of Ou Sen lol. Is he really running or is it a lure? I hope it’s the former then again there might be no limit to his schemes. I hope I’m wrong.

Kingdom / Chapter 593
« on: March 13, 2019, 11:12:44 am »
The one thing that concerns me the most about this chapter is that Chou Ga Ryuu is also aiming for the HSU’s HQ. Even if a separate detachment manages to confront Ten I still believe she prepared for something like this just in case. Still, I’m troubled by this because we don’t know if this group is specialized just for this type of duty. Maybe the archer brother’s job is to guard the HQ. I don’t know. And, we didn’t get anything about GHU and A Kou’s army. How are they doing?

(Ch.593 Pg.16)

Kingdom / Chapter 592
« on: March 06, 2019, 10:24:48 am »
Shou Sa is trying to imbue the newbies with his moral principles. Trying to help them understand, that not only has it helped to guide him, it has given him strength. Shou Sa is good people as well as wise. Replacing him won’t be easy so I hope it doesn’t happen. The more I think about it a more suitable title for the chapter would’ve been “Among Friends” as this doesn’t literally hint death for Shou Sa and spoils any favorable anticipation I may still have about the next couple of chapters. But, as we learned a few chapters ago, this plan is going to take a heavy toll on the HSU. Heck, we may see other veterans put their life on the line for for other newbies too.

(Ch.174 Pg.14)  For me, this is when Shou Sa first stood out from the rest of the HSU squad.

Kingdom / Chapter 591
« on: February 28, 2019, 10:17:49 am »
Where are the archer brothers? Their job should be easy, to alleviate any potential burden before it’s too late. With their pinpoint accuracy and reach it should be easy to help anyone struggling. Why are they not sharing the load? And, I don’t know if I should bless Bi Hei or curse him lol. After all, it is because of him that Shou Sa has noticed what’s happening to Kan To and his fellow newbies.

I want to form an opinion about A Ka Kin but I feel like I don’t have enough info to do so.

(Ch.591 Pg.21)  These words may seem insignificant to most but to Shou Sa they echo when he thinks about the rookies.   

Kingdom / Chapter 590
« on: February 21, 2019, 03:40:27 pm »
We get actual confirmation as if the cerebral match between Ou Sen and Ri Boku isn’t apparent enough. And, it’s not as if we didn’t know that these two are extremely analytical. I mean, who doesn’t like a good game of chess? But, this is just a lil’ too excessive even for me, lol. At least, it shows that Ri Boku is a well-rounded general, GG that is. We’ve seen Ri Boku play the role of more than one kind of general but I can’t say the same for Ou Sen. Anyway, I guess the news about what happened in Gyou hasn’t reached anybody yet and it probably won’t not until it’s already too late. I was kind of hoping to see how this bit of info will change the attitude of both sides, for better or for worse.

So, Ou Sen is using Shin and the HSU as a source to remove as many Zhao as possible before he makes his move. I didn’t know that Ri Boku was helping his left wing but it seems that Ou Sen was counting on it. And now, that Ri Boku has stopped playing his game, what will he do if the right wing is overpowered (I'm being rhetorical, of course). You see, there is a big difference in power status between Shin and the opposition. They still have three standing generals and as veterans could likely pull a few more tactics out of a hat. And, let’s not forget that unlike the HSU the Zhao isn’t running on fumes. I don’t care how much the soul is willing the body can only do so much without proper nutrition. I have a bad feeling that many of Shin’s men will soon begin to show signs related to exhaustion, and I believe Zhao is waiting for this opportunity.

Kingdom / Chapter 589
« on: February 14, 2019, 11:44:24 am »
If Heki could only see this I think he would feel a lot better about himself. Comparing the two incidents now is meaningless but I like to point out that in Heki’s case no one walked right in through the front door. Anyway, they tell us why it took them so long to find where all the provisions where kept but at this point, does it really matter? I mean, the only side suffering from food deprivation is Qin, specifically the right wing. Still, I don’t see how this final attempt by the right wing is going to provide them the opportunity to continue fighting for another day, or put them at better odds than the Zhao. Their efforts, although admirable, shouldn’t take them past today’s fight. This was made clear several chapters ago. That they were in the endgame and final night.   

Kingdom / Chapter 588
« on: February 07, 2019, 04:32:03 pm »
Finally, the cat is out of the bag. The mechanisms we expected to take root in Gyou long ago have begun to unravel. And although for us at home a year or more has passed since our initial suspicions first began, the plain truth is we are approaching only a two week period, that is, according to Kingdom universe. Personally, I gave up on this whole Trojan horse thing months ago. After a while, I just couldn’t confirm any of my suspicions and the following chapters one by one never hinted at anything substantial, so I felt like I was barking up the wrong tree. We can blame Ou Sen (ahem, Hara) for this. He’s been extremely tight-lipped about his plans from the get-go nonetheless, well played. It’s possible that Ou Sen integrated his men into every city just to play it safe, that he left nothing to chance. Right now, it seems like he’s a step ahead of the game but I’m not completely convinced because of something Ri Boku said about Kan Ki over a hundred chapters ago. That he knew his weakness. And, with the way events are unfolding I wouldn’t be surprised if Ri Boku has had enough time to prepare for Kan Ki’s defeat twisting Gyou’s surprise scheme into one that’s not so effective. Both sides are trying very hard so anything is possible.

Kingdom / Chapter 587
« on: January 24, 2019, 05:54:09 pm »
By now, I hope they noticed who it is that they need to eliminate. And by evaluating what went down on all fronts give Chou Ga Ryuu a taste of his own medicine. Whatever strategy they come up with should be one that does the most damage to Zhao’s left wing. Only then can Ou Sen make his move. And, if Ou Hon makes it back by tomorrow (in any condition) we can add miracle worker to Kyou Kai’s resume.

(Ch.587 Pg.13)

Kingdom / Chapter 586
« on: January 10, 2019, 07:42:42 pm »
I have to agree with Ou Sen, they should have gone for Chou Ga Ryuu first then maybe things would’ve turned out different, a lot different. Going by the depiction below it looks like Chou Ga Ryuu intentionally executed a maneuver that positioned Ouhon in harm’s way. While Gyou’un’s and Ba Nan Ji's army were parallel to eachother, Chou Ga Ryuu's formation was slightly offset. He deliberately moved into this position to make it seem like Ou Hon and his men had gained the advantage in a show of force. I feel like he right wing never had a chance, and with him still here things can only get worse. I don’t know if Chou Ga Ryuu is just as powerful as Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un but something tells me that he likes displaying his strength through an array of wit. After all, it was him who snared Ou Hon. Overall an exciting chapter especially seeing Kan Jou never give up and reminding the Zhao that the right wing is so much more, it’s also the HSU.

(Ch.584 Pg.14)

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