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Kingdom / Chapter 543
« on: January 01, 2018, 05:49:10 pm »
I don't have a whole lot to say mostly because I'm still recovering from last night's new years celebration, but my favorite moments of the chapter are below.

Pg.08 ...Shin and Ou Hon plow the fields!

Pg.15 ...The HSU have assembled!  Ri Boku:We have an army! Ou Sen:We have a HSU.

Kingdom / Chapter 542
« on: December 21, 2017, 04:27:28 pm »
The steamroll has commenced as three powerful figures converge on A Kou’s army but my greatest apprehension is seeing Ou Sen admit to danger. Has doubt set in? Is the plan impaired? No matter, setbacks are inevitable and therefore are always taken into careful consideration, especially by people like Ri Boku and Ou Sen. 

So far, Shin is Ou Sen’s primary tool to administer strong support in time of need but I'm not surprised. If we take the HSU’s past into account, he and his men have a tendency to perform well against overwhelming odds. But let’s recap, Qin invaded Zhao with a risky plan, Zhao has the home field advantage, resources dwindle impairing the effectiveness of Qin’s overall strategy, and an escape route gradually disappears as time passes by.

Has Ou Sen reached a turning point? Will he gather his forces and head for home empty handed?

Kingdom / Chapter 541
« on: December 13, 2017, 09:21:48 pm »
I held back last week about what unfolded in the second half of the chapter, specifically the part where Ou Hon takes the time to deliver a resounding speech. Mainly because it seemed out of character and I wasn't sure he'd ever express himself this way before. It’s only after reading this latest chapter that I’m convinced he’s after more than just winning. It’s more than just a win that he can place over his mantel as a trophy. I believe he wants to prove to all but more so to his father that he is not the person he thinks he is.   

Phantasmal. This is how Rinshoujo an equal to Ren Pa is described. And so, I take it his men share similar attributes. What disturbs me more is that this signifies without a doubt that they are equally dangerous. If we take the premonition serious, even after so many years, Ou Sen's army can't avoid a devastating blow. And going by how grief-stricken they were about their old master’s demise I’d say they were fueled by nothing more than conviction but that's all some soldiers really need anyway.

Ch.540 Pg.16

Kingdom / Chapter 540
« on: December 06, 2017, 04:47:12 pm »
That was immature and reckless. I expect better from Heki. Think about it. This is Zhao’s own unique division their version of mountain tribe elites. These guys are putting up a remarkable fight against Yo Tan Wa and her army. So what makes Heki think he could do better? He's better off gathering Intel to determine if the surrounding area is littered with secret tunnels and traps. Let’s be realistic, he went from capable - to foolish - to an absolute burden. Hmm, did Ou Sen drop the ball?

Is this it? Is this really Ou Sen’s last attempt against Zhao? The food supply is pretty scarce. I’m not sure they can last another day or two. And Kan Ki? What’s he up to?

Kingdom / Chapter 539
« on: November 22, 2017, 03:44:35 pm »
Ri Boku wants to meet with Gyou Un who is rumored to be just as lethal as two of the Four Heavenly Kings. I wonder if he will be assigned a special task. It’s a shot in the dark, but could he possess certain skills unbeknownst to us? Perhaps those of an assassin. Remember when Rin Ko was tasked to eliminate all noteworthy officers in the Sanyou campaign? He got away with it because no one expected the enemy to try such a stunt. Not only is it difficult to accomplish it’s also a suicide mission.

Shun Sui Ju is one sly sneaky bastard. He’s pulling out all the stops, making damn sure his adversary lacks every opportunity to continue the incursion at their own pace. And now, that they’ve lost their allotted rations and with none available elsewhere, the only other alternative is to quickly dismantle the Zhao in one fell swoop instead of piece by piece.

Kingdom / Chapter 538
« on: November 17, 2017, 06:15:25 pm »
We understand that as a result of Ou Ki's untimely departure Shin's first experience with “the view a general sees” takes place early in his military career, furthermore, he was young, inexperienced, as well as illiterate. And, in spite of all that, he still managed to see what few never have the chance to experience. But this isn’t about him it’s about Mou Ten. Who shared this with him? Was it grandfather? Or was it Ko Zen? I think it’s fair to say that because of Mou Ten, Ou Hon’s newly founded insight makes it possible to see patterns on the battlefield that others simply overlook. Allowing him to make appropriate calculations in real time and avoid the enemy’s stratagem, with a little help from Akakin, of course.

Uh-oh, Heki has a bull's-eye on his back. But why his army? And not that we have any real confirmation, but could he seem like an easy target simply because of where he’s stationed? Could this have anything to do with it? I don’t know. Anyway, Zhao’s battlefield has an underground tunnel that leads away from the action, and worse, there could be more than one, possibly hundreds. Enough to get an army ready before the next assault. Perhaps, developed by Zhao’s ancestors eons ago for a different purpose altogether in a time dominated by fear of the unknown, nevertheless, it grants them the opportunity to attack Qin from behind issuing a surprise attack. Just how far does the tunnel(s) extend and should we be worried they can reach Ou Sen?

Kingdom / Chapter 537
« on: November 08, 2017, 05:43:31 pm »
If Zhao’s generals keep this up Ri Boku is gonna have to make more public appearances. They seem to adhere to rigid protocol maybe it's age and they’re out of practice or just plain neglect because they expect a foe to behave accordingly, especially when youth is a factor. Either way, they seem to be fixed on practical habit to the point where they think an opponent has to follow the script set forth upon them. What kind of reasoning is that? Just because they see one or two possible solutions doesn’t mean there isn’t a third. Ou Hon did two things today, he sought for a way out of this predicament and he did it without the support of anyone but his own army proving that strength is a product of resources and resolve, too bad Shin lacks the former. But, is there is downside with this approach. He aims to torpedo the enemy with a skeleton crew leaving them unprotected all for the sake of making an impact that commander Akou can take advantage of. And yet, I can’t shake the feeling that he and his men may become vulnerable at some point and as we all know no type of sacrifice is ever accomplished without a price.

Kingdom / Chapter 536
« on: October 31, 2017, 06:07:01 pm »
Maybe this will help Shin break out of his one dimensional shell and grasp that there is more than one way to become a general. There’s more to fighting a good fight than merely using one's might all the time.

The more I see the generals on both sides devise their own plans of attack, the less I think Ri Boku and Ou Sen have a hand with what is going on. And not that I’m bashing, and unless I missed it, this is the first time Ou Hon has called on the old mad (Ban You) for tactical anything. It’s gonna be interesting to see what his role is. 

Kingdom / Chapter 535
« on: October 20, 2017, 04:27:55 pm »
Wow, that dude seems to be just as good as Ba Jio but now he’s pissed and the grudge between them looks awfully personal. Not sure why Yo Tan Wa is in a bad mood but it’s nice to get a rundown on everybody’s current situation. Anyway, I knew Mou Ten was gonna get a promotion in rank just not this soon, especially under these conditions. I think it’s a responsibility he’s not ready to shoulder just yet. For one thing, he hardly knows Ma Kou’s men so if he were to give them an order that to them may seem reckless it could be seen as favoritism. To some a sign of preference although none really exist and all because of plain envy. This will cause more problems than it’s worth. He needs to be very careful with this temporary promotion then again I may be overthinking it all and Ma Kou’s men will probably embrace their new temporary general without any significant qualms. Either way, I’m happy to see him get the promotion even if it is temporary and I am also looking forward to next week when the right wing lights a blaze.

Kingdom / Chapter 534
« on: October 09, 2017, 12:27:10 pm »
We know what went down, what we don’t know is how they did it. Precisely, how each party managed scene-by-scene? Why was this omitted fcol? Anyone feel shortchanged? Maybe we’ll get a flashback soon, we better! Anyway, I think they have some kind of control again. I know Ri Boku doesn’t, either way it serves as a clear reminder that another assassination attempt is not of the question. I mean, he does have the fastest horses in town not to mention someone in his outfit has just the right ammo and cunning to do it. Ahem, Bushin. That aside, I really like the closing panel where Shin literally finds Mou Ten sleeping on the job. That was a nice touch. 8^)

Kingdom / Chapter 533
« on: October 05, 2017, 05:39:13 pm »
Mou Ten is taking a huge gamble re-igniting morale, but if he succeeds, it would have been better for the soldiers of Rigan, who have already lost so much to both Qin and Zhao, that the remaining men of the Ma Kou army charge only with weapons clutched in hand. Instead, they are fast regaining conviction. On the battlefield, that type of motivation is often sharper than tempered steal. One more thing worth mentioning is that back in chapter 522, Ma Kou cautioned Mou Ten not to screw things up for him when in fact things turned out to be the complete opposite. Ma Kou died without a struggle and his men just broke down but because of this many of the veterans simply disappeared so I’m adding reckless abandonment to the list as well. Hopefully, they can all shift gears together and get back on track.

Kingdom / Chapter 532
« on: September 18, 2017, 06:59:41 pm »
I can’t say I blame him but goddamn Shin disregarded his primary mission for the sake of settling an old score. Sometimes, he’s just too dense for his own good. He totally ignored an opportunity less troublesome and now Ri Boku and his crew are laughing. Ri Boku even slowed down to provoke Shin, taking jabs at his misfortune, just downright insulting his ability as a warrior. I know that the basis behind it was merely to lure Shin to his death but thank goodness, his attempt failed. I guess the old adage is true, desperate times call for desperate measures.

I wonder how this goof up will affect Ou Sen’s plans. It’s obvious Ma Kou’s death puts them at a disadvantage, but by not killing Ki Sui when he had the opportunity, Shin’s misguided attempt may have put them in even greater jeopardy. Wow, I didn’t expect the horses in Ri Boku’s group to be fast as lightning and not that it means anything, but I remember Hyou once said to Shin that King Burei of Zhao was the first to wage war with horses (Ch.24 Pg.07). I guess it’s logical that their horses should be stronger and faster. Anyway, the biggest issue now is the collapse of the Ma Kou army, which Mou Ten insists he can bring back under control with Shin’s help. I can’t wait to see how. 8^)

Kingdom / Chapter 531
« on: September 13, 2017, 08:49:09 pm »
Yeesh, what an upset by Ri Boku! Personally, I didn’t expect this and I doubt that Ou Sen somehow predicted this as part of a well calculated risk. I mean, c’mon, this is just too big of a risk to take but this is Ri Boku we're talking about, the man will find a way to set the tide in his favor, no holds barred. Still, I gotta say, it’s unusual to see him personally take to the field but who the hell is playing by the rules anyway. And now, if he can find an opening on either side of the battlefield he is going to try to do to Ou Sen what he did to Ma Kou, pretty…ballsy if you ask me. We hardly know anything about Ri Boku, but the one thing he’s overlooking is Shin as this, is the one person that thrives to challenge the biggest and baddest fighter in the ring and right now, the only thing in his cross-hairs is Ri Boku.

Kingdom / Chapter 530
« on: September 08, 2017, 07:27:30 pm »
Ou Sen asked Shin for Ki Sui’s head – right, but everyone is after the same thing. Is this the most effective way to get it done? Is more than one man really necessary or is it asking for trouble? A little competition with your fellow officer is healthy, but Mou Ten and Ma Kou are just a little too greedy for their own good. Their arrogance might actually interfere with Shin’s foremost priority. It feels like this one chance at success (to become a general) just got that much more challenging when everyone is gunning for the same thing.

Okay, so how many of you think Ri Boku didn’t come alone? According to Ki Sui, Ri Boku kept a close eye on every square inch of the battleground. Makes perfect sense, Ri Boku is no mere strategist. Perhaps, this whole process up until this very instant is part of his ploy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he devised a plan that would encircle Shin and the others. The same way he lured and snared Ou Ki. It’s possible that he may have danced to Ou Sen’s tune only to carry out a more destructive blow himself. Makes you think, who is leading whom?

Ch.530 Pg.03

Kingdom / Chapter 529
« on: August 30, 2017, 04:45:39 pm »
I think Rozo is impressed with Yo Tan Wa. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the Quanrong turn against Shuu Sui Ju and side with her. She’s a quick thinker and you have got to luv the way she turns desperation into a fighting chance. Too bad for Shuu Sui Ju who looks pissed she took the hill, but who cares? I hope their plan backfires and she destroys them all. Though I can’t say the same for the battlefront where Shin is headed, it has a different vibe altogether and I can’t shake the thought that it could be a trap, I just can’t. It’s a little odd that Ri Boku hasn’t been as involved in every exchange the same way Ou Sen has. And what’s even more odd, is that before all this even began, both supreme commanders envisioned how they would each defeat each other. It’s difficult to accept that Ou Sen’s preliminary mind exercise is superior in every way, it's also hard to believe that his overall plan of defeat hasn't exhibited any weak points so far. Either that, or, Ri Boku is just out of his league, but that’s hard to swallow as well.

Ch.519 Pg.07

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