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Kingdom / Chapter 517
« on: May 21, 2017, 07:30:57 pm »
I get why they need to separate forces. What I don’t get is how Kan Ki at the same time is expected to starve the city, surround it, and defend against a deliberate attack. Isn’t time everything. The longer they sit around and wait for the citizens to starve the more critical things become for everyone. Think of it this way. An army, when faced with a fortress (regardless its size) must equally distribute soldiers in order to plague its intended target. Otherwise, it's a weak tactical maneuver. Here's the thing -- sixty thousand isn’t anything to laugh at, it’s a serious threat, but when you take into account that Gyou’s protective rim could be designed to do more than countermeasure forced entry, you wonder if it’s enough to succeed. It’s a colossal structure with super high super long walls that seem to stretch forever in every direction. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but when you dispense an equal number of soldiers to surround a city the greater its size the more intimidating the formation is, right? The aim is to instill fear. Gyou’s intended purpose is to eliminate that fear. To tactically thin out any threat. Statistically, what are we left with? Fifteen thousand soldiers on every cardinal point give or take a few. Is this enough to resist against parallel attacks. Who knows? I do know it’s a vulnerability. The enemy could easily force them to maneuver within a dangerous range, and at this distance, Gyou’s garrison is a threat. Easy pickings for archers. I was under the impression that more than one army would attack Gyou at once to speed things up. At least Kan Ki is left to his own devices so anything is possible but I can’t say for sure it’s a good thing. 8^)
Poor Heki. His infatuation for the beautiful Yo Tan Wa could seal his fate. I hope not but I doubt good fortune will continue to intercede in his behalf. Shin considers him a big brother so his role may not be in trouble now. Thing is, we haven’t seen Houken yet. He likes to prey on the weak if you know what I mean. At any rate, I can’t wait to see Yo Tan Wa against her opponent, especially Ou Sen against Ri Boku. Of course, I also want to see the trio finally get some action. Oh, and, I hope Kaku Kai would realize how despicable the king really is and that it's in his best interest to help Ri Boku get out of this mess alive. I can't think of anyone who would want to remain cooped up in Kantan for a decade or two with this kind of king if Qin succeeds.

Kingdom / Chapter 516
« on: May 09, 2017, 04:37:02 pm »
Here’s my take on the current situation. Yo Tan Wa is holding off the opposition while at the same time slowly making her way towards Gyou to meet-up with Kan Ki. Meanwhile, Ou Sen shifts his attack on Ri Boku’s incoming forces to delay them, all in order so that Gyou never has the opportunity to gain support. Yo Tan Wa and Kan Ki begin their attack on Gyou and the citizens decide it's time to move on once again, pleading for the gates to open. I’m almost certain this will generate chaos on an unprecedented level forcing the Zhao soldiers to comply and open the gates. After all Ou Sen did demonstrate a sense of compassion and let them live, and so they believe he will not kill them if they flee. This will be Gyou’s greatest handicap and that’s when Qin rush in, pounce on the Zhao soldiers, and take it. The instant Ou Sen made it past Retsubi Ri Boku didn’t stand a chance. A word to the wise never let your enemy set foot into your home it renders you powerless.

« on: April 28, 2017, 04:14:37 pm »
So far, we’ve seen Ou Sen manage quite well against Ri Boku. However, something remains a mystery. What did Ou Sen request from Shou Hei Kun the day he set out for this campaign? Does it have anything to do with the HSU? Did he perhaps anticipate Shin or Kyou Kai would rebel once they realize his endgame? Is this why he hasn’t disclosed his plan. Shin has already shown signs of discontent with Ou Sen’s tactics, and we know that Kyou Kai and he won’t stand for senseless bloodshed. I hope history doesn’t repeat itself. I’d hate to see what happened with Kan Ki take place all over again. Shin is not the diplomatic type, no surprise there, but Kyou Kai clearly surprised me. She allowed her emotional ties to granny get the best of her and it cost them dearly.

Ch.499 Pg.12

Kingdom / Chapter 515
« on: April 23, 2017, 01:53:15 pm »
In all of Zhao, with so many bright minds not one person is able to pinpoint Ou Sen's goal, not one. Let us see if any of the clever minds in Qin can interpret his movements since Ou Sen has clearly failed to notify headquarters about the change of plan. I’m still not sure why he's moving east. It’s a little frustrating because it's hard to get an indication of their current direction. Does this direction take them to the capital, Gyou, or somewhere else? And, how is Yo Tan Wa to catch up while Kou Son Ryuu is right behind her? Is Ou Sen planning on taking Gyou and holding it until further reinforcements arrive? Won’t that take time? Is that why he needs Yo Tan Wa to catch up? Anyway, did Ou Sen miscalculate or is he accurate about Ri Boku’s pace. Has Ri Boku managed to reach Kantan within the time frame Ou Sen predicted or has he managed to get there a lot sooner? I don't know, that last panel establishes doubt with Ou Sen's prediction. Argh, I hate it when I can't make sense of things lol. I hope some of you can shed a little light on things.

Kingdom / Chapter 514
« on: April 17, 2017, 11:58:50 am »
It’s official Ordo is the most inefficient general that I’ve seen either that or Yan is desperate for any kind of help. I mean, c’mon, how did he not grasp that they could just as easily attack his land as he did theirs...isn’t this common knowledge in warfare. Besides, isn’t he a mountain general of sorts. Does that, not mean anything? According to this, when the time comes for Qin to invade I highly doubt that Yan will be able to respond accordingly.

As for Ousen, I can only surmise that he intends to continue pillaging the remaining cities situated along Gyou. Glad he didn’t kill the citizens but I think the reason for this has to do with a hidden agenda. Here’s what I’m getting at, some time ago back way back in chapter 369 (when Ryo Fui was still in power) he was in cahoots with a man by the name of Kaku Kai who desperately wanted to rid Zhao of its current prime minister, Ri Boku. At the same time, Shou Hei Kun had a spy within Zhao, who possibly may have been after the same thing, but I can’t be sure of that. Anyway, now that Ryo Fui is no longer in office, he can’t influence Kaku Kai but that doesn’t mean that Kaku Kai isn’t influenced by another source, in fact he may have his own agenda. Of course, this is somewhat conjecture on my behalf. One thing is certain Kaku Kai is after Ri Boku’s job. But how is he to get it? Maybe thru the act of defamation. This seems likely, though however you look at it, Ri Boku is being attacked from all sides, poor soul. What do you think?

Kingdom / Chapter 513
« on: April 10, 2017, 05:11:59 pm »
I’m not sure from what I’ve seen at this point that I can deduce what Ou Sen is up to, he’s moving away from the intended target. Therefore, I believe that everyone else is having the same difficulty extrapolating a concrete theory concerning his true goal (I’m referring to Wei, Chu, Han, Yan, and maybe Qi). And because of this, I wonder if everyone except for Qi is looking for the same thing, the perfect opportunity to strike, that is, of course, that they miraculously discover a weak point in Zhao’s defenses due to fending off both Qin and Yan. On the other side of the country, Ka Rin seems to be enjoying her newly appointed position. Not only is she a Great General (GG), but also a Prime Minister. You know, I could see GG Tou doing the same thing. He’s always given me the impression of a very cerebral individual. And there’s a small glimpse of Go Hou Mei, who believes that Ri Boku will undoubtedly annihilate Ou Sen and his armies. Could he be right? Only thing left is to take bets, but who is the underdog? Is it Ou Sen or Ri Boku?

Kingdom / Chapter 512
« on: April 04, 2017, 10:43:34 am »
I’m impressed. Ri Boku has spared no expense. Gyou’s fort is reinforced with a moat and a massive watch tower. To be honest, I expect a few more medieval tricks from Ri Boku as we continue. I take it this is what he meant when he said Ou Sen should take a look for himself. Maybe he hoped it would discourage Qin from further assault and consider retreat. It has instead the opposite effect on Ou Sen. He has decided to continue his invasion. I think it’s a mistake. They’re abandoning their only escape route and any possible chance to obtain supplies should the need arise. And to make matters worse, Ou Sen’s disappearance lost them four precious days, but on the bright side we now know that Zhao’s capital is about two days away and Qin has had plenty of rest. I wonder what Ou Sen has come up with. Does he plan on attacking the smaller cities leading to Gyou or is he going after Kantan instead? Let’s not forget that despite the current situation, however dangerous it may seem, they have an ally nearby, Qi.

Kingdom / Chapter 511
« on: March 27, 2017, 10:11:00 am »
So Retsubi was a trap after all. But, I don’t see what all the noise is about when Qin’s actual plan is to head straight for Zhao’s capital anyway. Kan Ki says that Ou Sen went on ahead to see if it’s at all possible for them to keep moving forward and continue the attacks, and Ri Boku said that he should take a look at something, wonder if it’s the same thing. Is it the terrain? Perhaps, to scout the actual distance between the two points to see if it will still work to their advantage. What exactly will determine if they can move forward or not? What factors will affect this decision? Also, we have yet see general Kochou, the Guardian Deity of the Royal Capital. Supposedly, he’s a big threat to Qin. Where is he?

Kingdom / Chapter 509 & 510
« on: March 19, 2017, 05:35:44 pm »
Ou Ki’s glaive clearly poses a problem for Shin, but he would never run into this dilemma had he practiced with it beforehand, putting it to the test in real battle isn’t wise. Lucky for him, it didn’t turn out too bad. I said it all along, Shin should’ve properly prepared his body with the glaive or at least practiced with it at every opportunity. Hopefully, this will help him realize that he should also begin practice with Duke Hyou’s shield as well. Maybe, he will surprise us and adapt to it quickly, maybe.

Well, they’ve taken over Retsubi just as Yo Tan Wa declared but what concerns me is that they have nowhere to run if things inexplicably decide to change in favor of Zhao. Yes, they’ve taken over Retsubi yet strategically this leaves them right smack in the middle of enemy territory, mountains on one side and a raging river on the other with nowhere to go except forward or reverse. And, in front of them lie a number of Zhao forces who feel they have the advantage on account of Ri Boku's plan. Anyway, in order for Qin to attack Gyou, they will have to split their forces. Who will remain in Retsubi while the rest head for Zhao’s capital? Is this what Ri Boku plans on? So that, Zhao won’t have to attack Qin’s entire armies all at once. The smaller the number of grouped soldiers they struggle with the easier it is to defend against. If this is true, this makes Ri Boku one of the most proficient strategist in all of China and Ou Sen has just realized the same. 8^)

Ka Ryo Ten discovered something about Retsubi, but what? And, how did the city’s residents move out so quickly? We know, that they, to some extent, figured out pieces about Qin’s invasion plan, but I can’t see how they would have enough time to make preparations. Have the citizens gone underground? If so, where exactly? Is this plan by Ri Boku (if I can call it that), devised purely out of desperation to prevent Qin from further assaults? Still, I can’t believe that Ou Sen vanished without a trace, it doesn’t make any sense. What’s going on?

Kingdom / Chapter 508
« on: March 07, 2017, 08:35:41 pm »
I just realized that the mountain tribe really is something else. Though at first their maneuvers seemed somewhat archaic with the initial approach, they’re actually making good progress. They also seem to be in sync to some degree. I’ve noticed this before, but it’s clear with this chapter. Yo Tan Wa appears to know exactly when Ba Jio will strike. This is remarkable. It demonstrates that there’s more about her than meets the eye. Remember chapter 33, the time she thought she sensed Ba Jio’s presence in the corridor, instead it was Shin's presence she was really picking up on. At the time, I thought it was nothing more than an indirect characterization of the protagonist, but I’m not so sure anymore. I think she has a unique ability and she’s making the most of it to gain an edge. And, unless I’m mistaken, it’s something I’ve not seen with anyone else. Whether or not she’s linked to her soldiers through some metaphysical force, or through repetitive clashes against countless enemies, it all boils down to the same thing, she’s in control. In fact, it makes them formidable. All in all, she’s earned the respect of her men and women, and it shows. Anyway, props to Suu Gen for the cool save but I enjoyed Shin’s last minute intervention just a lil’ more. 8^)

Kingdom / Chapter 507
« on: February 21, 2017, 05:53:32 pm »
Well, the oldest brother, Jin, doesn’t disappoint. He knows what’s at stake and what he must do but it’s taking the younger of the two a little longer to realize the same. Anyway, I think the Zhao are sitting ducks because they don’t have any long range archers with deadly precision whereas Qin does. While we do see the Zhao attack the enemy huddled in the distance, it seems that they are concentrating more on the men climbing the ladders. You’d figure that they would use other means to slow the procession of the men on the ladders with maybe fire or hot oil and use the arrows wisely, but we don’t see that happening. If, Tan could get over his fear and concentrate on the task at hand, he could topple the Zhao over like dominoes. I may be exaggerating a bit but that’s how I feel. He’s the biggest of the two brothers and looks stronger so it’s only logical to surmise that he has the ability to shoot arrows at a greater distance, with greater force, that’s if he puts his mind to it, of course. Hopefully, he’ll soon get over the ethical standard he lives by and prove worthy. Right now, he and his brother are absolutely vital in all of this. At least, Ba Jio is on the wall. We know what comes next, right? 8^)

Kingdom / Chapter 506
« on: February 12, 2017, 01:33:49 pm »
I think we can all agree that the initial assault was reckless, but it does prove that her army is fearless and that’s got to totter the Zhao in their boots somewhat. I’m surprised that Yo Tan Wa’s army, while diverse, lacks important elements necessary to meet certain criteria, in this case, archers. Fortunately, the HSU have just what the doctor ordered. It seems unusual that for such a large army, specially one so distinct, that they don’t have one skilled archer with exceptional range to boot. I guess it’s a trait hard to come by, and yet, I’m not so sure that this is the case. Anyway, it looks like Yo Tan Wa was probing for a weakness and quickly spots one. If Ba Jio and the Chouka tribe can turn it into an advantage, then Shin and his men are as good as in. 8^)

Ou Hon says that he wants to witness his dad’s plan of action, yeah right. What I think he really wants, is to see how well Shin is doing. I hate to say this but going by past events, the way he treats Shin with such utter disrespect (bias), I think his motivation for shifting gears so quickly is nothing less than plain envy.

Kingdom / Chapter 505
« on: February 05, 2017, 06:58:40 pm »
You have to admit the queen of the mountain folk is an incredible leader. To bring together more than a hundred tribes under her sole control is not an easy task. In this regard, I guess you could say she is special then again I never regarded her as anything less. It’s amusing how she breaks down the procedure to overtake of the city in a few simple steps but I agree with Ten, it’s easier said than done. No doubt, the overall opinion is mutual among Qin. Some think Yo Tan Wa’s army and its ability to overtake the city is a gamble but at this point, it matters very little. As stated by Ba Jio, they have always managed to overpower enemies head on. If so, is this the key to success with past events? And, you can’t overlook the fact that they wear very little armor for good reason. Armor weighs you down and impedes your movements. I’m not suggesting that this advantage will nullify Zhao’s well-equipped archers, it does however increase their chance of success and possibly decrease the number of casualties. Considering this fact, Yo Tan Wa’s army is currently the best option to conquer the city. I just hope they breach it before reinforcements reach them. On a more personal note, when her troops shouted aloud I couldn’t help but recall biblical canon, how the “Walls of Jericho” came down in a similar instance. It’s an impressive chapter demonstrating the power of simplicity, no elaborate planning, no complicated approach, just plain old tactics. 8^)

Kingdom / Chapter 504
« on: January 29, 2017, 05:22:28 pm »
So much is taking place right now, but the moment we’ve all been waiting for seems to be just around the corner. All hell is about to break loose as they penetrate deeper into Zhao territory. The hype is off the hook. I literally have goosebumps. Undoubtedly, the HSU’s new recruits have them too. They realize their turn to do battle is inevitable, but who can blame them. If anything, it will make them stronger, that’s if, they manage to survive. 8^)

Allow me, for a moment, to focus on Shou Hei Kun’s ambiguous remark. He said that the HSU’s unique strengths would soon be essential. Besides the obvious, is there something we missed? Is he suggesting that between the three independent armies (GHU, HSU, and GKU), the HSU have an extraordinary ability to cope with the irregular? I’m not sure what he meant by this, I do know that the HSU has always been unique in more ways than one. By the way, did anyone notice Na Ki’s nostalgic moment as he watched Kan Ki’s army engage the Zhao? I thought this was a bit odd given he abandoned them, but it does demonstrate that he’s not insensitive which is comforting to see as he is now a member of the HSU.

Hurray, we finally reach Retsubi ahead of time. And, just when I thought that Ou Sen’s army would engage, he doesn’t, instead he hands over the opportunity to none other than Yo Tan Wa and the HSU. Was this his plan all along? Maybe it was, but his tact makes me uncomfortable. Is it just me, or does Ou Sen seem suspicious in that last panel. Maybe it's just a healthy sense of paranoia, after all, he isn't easy to gauge. Anyway, the HSU’s moment to shine has arrived. Upping the ante, Ten mentions that this place is similar to Kankuko Pass. My guess is, she meant it’s just as fortified so no surprise there, yet something tells me they’re going to have a tough time getting through. But, they have something they didn’t have before, and that’s the diversity of people they’ve gathered along the way, forming what I believe is a unique set of individuals equipped to deal with many unique scenarios. Did I just answer my own question, lol?

What do you think? Will Kan Ki trickle down to nearby cities to indulge his senses (to pillage and commit unreasonable mass murder after he’s done with the resistance), or will he quickly catch up with the rest of the gang asap?

Kingdom / Chapter 503
« on: January 23, 2017, 05:01:17 pm »
How bizarre can you get? Despite that, it’s pretty obvious Zhao’s King is self-absorbed, he would rather sacrifice all of Zhao if it means he has to part with his utopia. A poor, delusional king is my estimation. I’m astounded as to why an attempt on his life has never been made. Kings die all the time, with and without reason. In this case, there’s plenty of reason to warrant a change. It's times like this I’m glad Ren Pa isn’t defending Zhao. Anyway, making matters worse for Ri Boku is the high-ranking official, Kakukai, who instigates his right to leadership provoking a poor image of conduct with this mission's undertaking. What is he up to? As far as I can tell, it doesn’t look good for the ruthless strategist, Ri Boku.

Is it wise for Qin to evade smaller cities along its path? There is no doubt that in doing so they increase their chance of attack on a target currently unaided, and avoid delays from neighboring Zhao reinforcements. But, are they risking too much? Will it backfire? IMHO, the fact that they are avoiding smaller cities along the way has no real military basis and may later turn out to be a big mistake. By all measures, Zhao obviously has the home field advantage. 8^)

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