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Kingdom / Chapter 593
« on: March 13, 2019, 11:12:44 am »
The one thing that concerns me the most about this chapter is that Chou Ga Ryuu is also aiming for the HSU’s HQ. Even if a separate detachment manages to confront Ten I still believe she prepared for something like this just in case. Still, I’m troubled by this because we don’t know if this group is specialized just for this type of duty. Maybe the archer brother’s job is to guard the HQ. I don’t know. And, we didn’t get anything about GHU and A Kou’s army. How are they doing?

(Ch.593 Pg.16)

Kingdom / Chapter 592
« on: March 06, 2019, 10:24:48 am »
Shou Sa is trying to imbue the newbies with his moral principles. Trying to help them understand, that not only has it helped to guide him, it has given him strength. Shou Sa is good people as well as wise. Replacing him won’t be easy so I hope it doesn’t happen. The more I think about it a more suitable title for the chapter would’ve been “Among Friends” as this doesn’t literally hint death for Shou Sa and spoils any favorable anticipation I may still have about the next couple of chapters. But, as we learned a few chapters ago, this plan is going to take a heavy toll on the HSU. Heck, we may see other veterans put their life on the line for for other newbies too.

(Ch.174 Pg.14)  For me, this is when Shou Sa first stood out from the rest of the HSU squad.

Kingdom / Chapter 591
« on: February 28, 2019, 10:17:49 am »
Where are the archer brothers? Their job should be easy, to alleviate any potential burden before it’s too late. With their pinpoint accuracy and reach it should be easy to help anyone struggling. Why are they not sharing the load? And, I don’t know if I should bless Bi Hei or curse him lol. After all, it is because of him that Shou Sa has noticed what’s happening to Kan To and his fellow newbies.

I want to form an opinion about A Ka Kin but I feel like I don’t have enough info to do so.

(Ch.591 Pg.21)  These words may seem insignificant to most but to Shou Sa they echo when he thinks about the rookies.   

Kingdom / Chapter 590
« on: February 21, 2019, 03:40:27 pm »
We get actual confirmation as if the cerebral match between Ou Sen and Ri Boku isn’t apparent enough. And, it’s not as if we didn’t know that these two are extremely analytical. I mean, who doesn’t like a good game of chess? But, this is just a lil’ too excessive even for me, lol. At least, it shows that Ri Boku is a well-rounded general, GG that is. We’ve seen Ri Boku play the role of more than one kind of general but I can’t say the same for Ou Sen. Anyway, I guess the news about what happened in Gyou hasn’t reached anybody yet and it probably won’t not until it’s already too late. I was kind of hoping to see how this bit of info will change the attitude of both sides, for better or for worse.

So, Ou Sen is using Shin and the HSU as a source to remove as many Zhao as possible before he makes his move. I didn’t know that Ri Boku was helping his left wing but it seems that Ou Sen was counting on it. And now, that Ri Boku has stopped playing his game, what will he do if the right wing is overpowered (I'm being rhetorical, of course). You see, there is a big difference in power status between Shin and the opposition. They still have three standing generals and as veterans could likely pull a few more tactics out of a hat. And, let’s not forget that unlike the HSU the Zhao isn’t running on fumes. I don’t care how much the soul is willing the body can only do so much without proper nutrition. I have a bad feeling that many of Shin’s men will soon begin to show signs related to exhaustion, and I believe Zhao is waiting for this opportunity.

Kingdom / Chapter 589
« on: February 14, 2019, 11:44:24 am »
If Heki could only see this I think he would feel a lot better about himself. Comparing the two incidents now is meaningless but I like to point out that in Heki’s case no one walked right in through the front door. Anyway, they tell us why it took them so long to find where all the provisions where kept but at this point, does it really matter? I mean, the only side suffering from food deprivation is Qin, specifically the right wing. Still, I don’t see how this final attempt by the right wing is going to provide them the opportunity to continue fighting for another day, or put them at better odds than the Zhao. Their efforts, although admirable, shouldn’t take them past today’s fight. This was made clear several chapters ago. That they were in the endgame and final night.   

Kingdom / Chapter 588
« on: February 07, 2019, 04:32:03 pm »
Finally, the cat is out of the bag. The mechanisms we expected to take root in Gyou long ago have begun to unravel. And although for us at home a year or more has passed since our initial suspicions first began, the plain truth is we are approaching only a two week period, that is, according to Kingdom universe. Personally, I gave up on this whole Trojan horse thing months ago. After a while, I just couldn’t confirm any of my suspicions and the following chapters one by one never hinted at anything substantial, so I felt like I was barking up the wrong tree. We can blame Ou Sen (ahem, Hara) for this. He’s been extremely tight-lipped about his plans from the get-go nonetheless, well played. It’s possible that Ou Sen integrated his men into every city just to play it safe, that he left nothing to chance. Right now, it seems like he’s a step ahead of the game but I’m not completely convinced because of something Ri Boku said about Kan Ki over a hundred chapters ago. That he knew his weakness. And, with the way events are unfolding I wouldn’t be surprised if Ri Boku has had enough time to prepare for Kan Ki’s defeat twisting Gyou’s surprise scheme into one that’s not so effective. Both sides are trying very hard so anything is possible.

Kingdom / Chapter 587
« on: January 24, 2019, 05:54:09 pm »
By now, I hope they noticed who it is that they need to eliminate. And by evaluating what went down on all fronts give Chou Ga Ryuu a taste of his own medicine. Whatever strategy they come up with should be one that does the most damage to Zhao’s left wing. Only then can Ou Sen make his move. And, if Ou Hon makes it back by tomorrow (in any condition) we can add miracle worker to Kyou Kai’s resume.

(Ch.587 Pg.13)

Kingdom / Chapter 586
« on: January 10, 2019, 07:42:42 pm »
I have to agree with Ou Sen, they should have gone for Chou Ga Ryuu first then maybe things would’ve turned out different, a lot different. Going by the depiction below it looks like Chou Ga Ryuu intentionally executed a maneuver that positioned Ouhon in harm’s way. While Gyou’un’s and Ba Nan Ji's army were parallel to eachother, Chou Ga Ryuu's formation was slightly offset. He deliberately moved into this position to make it seem like Ou Hon and his men had gained the advantage in a show of force. I feel like he right wing never had a chance, and with him still here things can only get worse. I don’t know if Chou Ga Ryuu is just as powerful as Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un but something tells me that he likes displaying his strength through an array of wit. After all, it was him who snared Ou Hon. Overall an exciting chapter especially seeing Kan Jou never give up and reminding the Zhao that the right wing is so much more, it’s also the HSU.

(Ch.584 Pg.14)

Kingdom / Chapter 585
« on: December 26, 2018, 01:41:17 pm »
This isn’t how I imagined it. What happened to the awakening? Anyway, at this point it doesn’t really matter one way or the other. What matters is how dangerous the situation has become for Ou Hon and his crew. And yet, now is not the time to think about what is going on. Ou Hon should face danger head on, with his men, and stop trying to rationalize how bad the situation has become (quit your worrying and fight Gyou’un). That he turned his back on Gyou’un is so disappointing. Shin would never do such a thing. In fact, he would welcome the opportunity to face-off with an enemy, any enemy, especially one stronger than himself. And I was just beginning to think that Ou Hon was nothing like his father.

(Ch.585 Pg.20)

Kingdom / Chapter 584
« on: December 19, 2018, 09:45:35 pm »
To be honest, I don’t like this at all. I don’t like that old man Ban You might die but it could turn Ou Hon into something or someone we have never seen before. He may even pose a struggle for Gyou’un hopefully blowing Ri Boku’s plan sky-high. Anyway, I don't think any of us expected to see unique soldiers this late in the game, and certainly nothing as distinct and robust like the ten spears. But, I should’ve seen this coming because Ban Nan Ji compared Gyou’un and Chou Ga Ryuu to Ren Pa’s Four Heavenly Kings, and I recall that Rin Ko had a similar force of elite soldiers that Mou Ten personally went after amid the Sanyou campaign. So, does this mean that we should be concerned about Chou Ga Ryuu? Does he have an elite force as well, and does it possess a unique skill. It would be foolish to think otherwise.

It must be agonizing for Shin now that he can no longer sense Gyou’un’s intentions.

(Ch.584 Pg.04)

Kingdom / Strategy vs. Instincts
« on: December 15, 2018, 02:11:21 pm »
Due to the fact that we have been spoiled about Ou Hon’s defeat I think it’s only fair to address it. There is a fundamental flaw, chink in the armor, Achilles heel, or whatever you want to call it about Ou Hon that I believe exists. And that is the unique ability that predominantly governs a leader’s movements on a battlefield, and what Kingdom classifies as a "type of general". I think it’s safe to say that Ou Hon is strategic in nature, but correct me if you think I’m wrong. So, if paired with Gyou’un whose forte is instincts yet equipped with both strategy and tactics, then Ou Hon is in big trouble. We know what he did to the HSU before Shin took control, he literally outwit them at every corner picking away at soldiers with ease. There’s one more thing, Gyou’un although older has an unusual supply of stamina. He demonstrated this some chapters ago against Shin whom we all know has an unusual supply as well. Anyway, has anyone noticed that his eyes resemble Rozo’s? Is he also tapping into “the view a general sees”? I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the way his eyes appear, and I don’t know if he is in the zone, but it’s an interesting observation that I can’t seem to overlook. I’m sure we can all agree to the fact that Gyou’un is no ordinary general. I believe he’s a formidable individual with extraordinary talents. Has Ou Sen accounted for Gyou’un’s instincts? No matter how perfect and in-depth a strategy is, the million dollar question continues to surface, can it overcome instincts?

Ch.581 Pg.17

Kingdom / Chapter 583
« on: December 12, 2018, 01:06:18 pm »
I don’t see how Ri Boku is in danger of losing his life. He and all the other interesting characters surrounding him are all intertwined. To me, Gyou’un’s foreboding dreams are misplaced and more to do with the distant future. The last paragraph from the excerpt hints at Ri Boku's continued role as an antagonist. 

(Ch.140 Pg.19)

We know what Shin and his troops are capable of, but I’m not so sure about Ou Hon. I have a feeling that he and many of his troops may soon begin to show signs of fatigue causing severe weakness in their formation. I could be wrong.

 If Ou Sen knew this, why didn’t he say something?

(Ch.583 Pg.16)         

Kingdom / Chapter 582
« on: December 06, 2018, 06:18:46 pm »
Is anybody on Ri Boku’s team really convinced they have nothing to worry about? He believes that under the current situation their fate can only be defined as triumphant. Or, is he just spouting nonsense and putting on the illusion that Zhao’s right wing still has the means to crush Shin and Ou Hon? Is this his way of preserving morale or is he procrastinating? Whatever it is, it sounds like he’s waiting for something or someone. He made it clear that the longer they wait this out the more advantageous things become for them, but it seems like gambling everything on food deprivation isn’t working out. He obviously expects Qin to crumble or fold. Ten believes that they are on the brink of collapse. In a way, that’s true. The body without sustenance can only do so much for so long. I’m no doctor, nor am I a health practitioner, but the articles I’ve read on malnutrition maintain that the body’s metabolism alters itself when faced with extreme conditions to conserve energy. Yet, every time they take to the battlefield that energy is exhausted and the natural mechanisms in place that help keep them animated face some form of counteraction, and hammers away at a considerable sum. Every time they take one step forward their condition takes two steps back, it’s only natural. Anyway, the way I see it there is only one advantage and it’s the fact the Qin is basically running on fumes. And yet, I can’t see how Gyou’un and the others will repel Shin and Ou Hon considering how capable they can become under tough conditions. My only disappointment with this chapter is that we didn’t get to see the aftermath of the blow Qin dealt to Zhao’s right wing.

I re-read chapter 513, and now believe that Ou Sen isn't after your traditional win against Zhao. Everybody knows that Qin has zero chance of conquering Zhao with Ri Boku there. My guess is he's after the destruction of the man protecting Zhao, Ri Boku himself.

(Ch.513 Pg.04)   Why did King Ou Ken ask about Ri Boku's whereabouts, especially now? Awfully suspicious, right?

Kingdom / Chapter 581
« on: November 23, 2018, 10:38:08 am »
I’ll try to describe how I interpret the “view” that’s harmless yet so contagious. It’s characterized as, ‘A Generals View’ (ch.171), and is currently depicted resembling a panoramic field of view. Shou Sa claims that it’s different for Shin, he’s on a higher plane altogether. I interpret this as the ability to discern distinct patterns on the battlefield. Patterns not visibly clear under less strenuous conditions. Everything within the peripheral vision appears transparent and sharper both vertically and horizontally. In other words, this ability increases one’s observable area exposing what previously wasn’t so apparent. Imagine, if you will, a heightening of the senses at will (that would be cool unfortunately impossible). Or is it? Ou Ki described it as, “seeing various things”. This, of course, is a vague generalization as it can signify many things. In fact, some may interpret it completely different from what I described. Either way, until we get a more detail description about it I believe I’ve narrowed it down to an altered state of perception. We think we know what triggers it but every individual is different so it could be a combination of things that first act as a catalyst. Wonder if Kyou Kai experiences the “view” the same way Shin does or does she tap into a completely different faculty altogether? We know that when she dives deep into the ‘Priestess Dance’ everything around her begins to slow down, which in and of itself is freaking awesome, if you ask me. What about Ka Ryo Ten and Mou Ki? Where will they fit in as we move ahead? Is it different for strategists? Is it different for those who take part in warfare but don’t physically do battle? Specific individuals who merely rely on logic. What does Ou Sen and uber intellectuals like him see? What about the amazing mastermind Ko Shou (ch.499)? We were first introduced to the two types of Generals by Ou Ki (ch.66), and from that moment onwards learned that the two types unless explicitly identified are not easy to detect and even more difficult to identify with multifaceted characters that possess a high degree of intellect and skill.

Ch.581 Pg.11

*Edit: Missed a word.

Kingdom / Chapter 580
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:17:46 pm »
If it weren’t for Shin’s and Ou Hon’s synchronized charge, which by the way was unintentional, one could say that it’s just a reckless move and that’s that. But to the cleverly apt regarded as peculiar. They might begin to suspect that it was deliberately orchestrated, especially when you gamble everything on certain factors to prove your case. Chou Ga Ryuu expected to see them dilapidated instead it’s the complete opposite. Did he miscalculate? Will it cost them everything? I don’t think that they can afford to simply rely on circumstance and expect things to turn out like they predict. That’s a bit shortsighted, don’t you think? I don't believe that anyone who clings to pure logic and only logic could make sense of this charge except for Gyou'un, maybe.

Ch.578 Pg.07

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