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Kingdom / Chapter 559
« on: May 22, 2018, 03:53:16 pm »
Luv the clash. Dislike the outcome. I would've been happier if he put Ba Nan Ji out of commission. All I see is Ou Sen’s in charge (A Kou) making poor judgment calls without any real consideration. Contrary to how I feel about this unprecedented exchange a certain someone deserves adequate praise. I’d like to know a little more about A Kou maybe a backstory. But what of Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un don't they still have the upper hand and momentum. They could continue to obliterate A Kou's remaining army (what's left of it anyway) hereby improving their odds of winning this whole thing before Ou Hon takes over.

Ch.559 Pg.18        A Ka Kin, the only soldier whose horse can defy gravity. Someone give this man and his horse a promotion.

Kingdom / Chapter 558
« on: May 15, 2018, 11:59:15 am »
Shin’s instincts continue to surface and it’s more than just a quick reflex, his body seems to react as well. Wonder if his instincts can be considered to be on a whole other level. I'm not going to pretend that I know what he is sensing but I have a feeling it has something to do with A Kou, especially with Gyou’un. If they manage to erase another general it’s practically over for Qin. For crying out loud, what is Ou Sen doing? This whole scheme turned out to be pathetic. I’ll be honest, I did not expect A Kou’s defensive formation to hold but I did expect Ou Sen to participate. Right now, the way things stand, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ri Boku personally attempts another assassination. I will be extremely disappointed with Ou Sen if A Kou dies. Then again, I’m not sure that he can observe the events on the right though that doesn't make it any easier to endure. :(

Kingdom / Chapter 557
« on: May 09, 2018, 03:35:07 pm »
What? The HSU is getting crushed on all fronts. But seriously, I would’ve appreciated a bird’s eye view of the battlefield directly over them, you know, to see the carnage Gaku Ei and his men have inflicted upon the HSU. I can’t believe everyone is having trouble, especially Kyou Kai. They obviously underestimated these guys. To sum it up, a bad miscalculation and a costly mistake.

They have broken through Ou Sen’s unbreakable barrier aka defensive formation. So why, am I, not surprised? Hmm…I have a feeling A Kou won’t last long now. Hope I'm wrong but I wasn’t a fan of this tactic to begin with. I thought it was at best sufficient only for the time being, and knew that once Ri Boku observed it, he would find a way to counter it. Everything has a weak point that may not be immediately evident to some, but hey, this is Ri Boku. He’s either going to find a solution to a problem or create one. 

Ch.557 Pg.19

Kingdom / Chapter 556
« on: April 24, 2018, 01:37:07 pm »
None of this makes any sense. Zhao’s veterans, as depicted by the map, have all just decided to fight on Qin’s terms. That’s crazy! Talk about taking the bait lol. What about Ou Hon’s forces? Are they going to be ignored? Do they believe that he is not worth defending against? What if he decides to divide his unit in two and attack Chou Ga Ryuu before attacking Gaku’ei? That they have chosen to play by Qin’s strategy seems a little too convenient for me. And seriously, the defensive formation A Kou’s men have taken isn’t convincing at all. Too many empty pockets. I guess it serves as a buffer to reduce the collision between them but I'm still not convinced. Anyhow, it seems to be working.

Ch.556 Pg.13&14

Kingdom / Chapter 555
« on: April 18, 2018, 05:29:03 pm »
I trust Kan Ki is just letting Ma Ron believe that they will abandon this mission to avoid a mutiny, right?

It’s been a long time since Ou Hon got on Shin’s bad side but this just reminded him who Ou Hon really is.

Pretty obvious that Ou Hon’s plan will backfire. But, why?

And finally, I’m getting tired of Ri Boku always claiming the same thing. That he knows, "the Akou army’s weakness." He said the same about Kan Ki and yet he hasn’t done anything to stop him. 

Ch.555 Pg.06  This glimpse inside Gyou contradicts the supposed 20 day's worth of rations. Kinda questionable, don't you think?

Kingdom / General Heki
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:11:35 pm »
I guess I forgot what sort of person Heki is so I went back, way back, to examine his character and realized that he’s not a simple soldier, he’s actually well-rounded even without the validation of his stats. I’m not sure exactly when but somewhere early in his career he had already mastered the fundamentals of strategy. What’s even more amazing is how he’s survived this long, especially when in the past he was pinned against less fortunate situations. To be honest, Heki is someone you want on your side. He’s not dense, in fact, he quickly adapts to any situation. I’m not saying Heki is right for every battle only that he’s levelheaded, which is more than I can say for other commanders.

Ch.295 Pg.10 Heki trumps in this chapter!

Ch.240 Pg.13 Dependable. Reliable. Determined.

Ch.218 Pg.15 Fundamentals of Strategy.

Kingdom / Chapter 554
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:38:05 pm »
I know that Heki is not a favorite right now but he sure seems like it. And, I know that I’m not alone when I say that the suspense increased with every following page. Yeah, Heki is holding his own. Even Kitari, who looks down on him is impressed. Heki bro sticks with the fundamentals of war. Not only does he put a dent on the opposition, he also demonstrates Qin's prowess (and I luv it!). Just hope his pride doesn’t get the best of him. The last thing they need is another screw up and all because his head got too big. Oh, and Yo Tan Wa is feeling nostalgic. I've never seen this side of her before.

Ch.554 Pg.12

Edit* Page number.

Kingdom / Chapter 553
« on: April 03, 2018, 11:36:44 am »
The odds are stacked against them. I still don’t know how Zhao has this many troops. One thing stands out though, the three Zhao commanders and their armies have body armor. Compared to other mountain folk, and Yo Tan Wa's army, they seem to adopt protective gear similar to what every plains dweller wears for combat.

Another thing, doesn’t Katari seem a little odd to say that they adore Heki and his kind. Maybe he and his people are sick of the mountain life, who knows.

I wonder what Yo Tan Wa needs from the Enshu tribe that old man Enpo said no before she even asked for the favor.

Ch 553 Pg.18

Kingdom / Gyou
« on: March 20, 2018, 03:39:10 pm »
So far, Zhao has the upper hand. Ri Boku, personally took out one of Qin's generals, and his plan of attack, although less forceful, seems to be working better than Qin’s, including Ou Sen’s battle strategy. I guess I expected Ou Sen to be a little more wily slash sneaky slash skillful against Ri Boku. I also expected Ou Sen or Kan Ki to embed soldiers within the mass confusion, passing them on as hungry-desperate-citizens who would then, when the time is right, create an uproar. Forcing the gatekeepers of Gyou who by this point have no other choice but to drive out the citizens, if, they aim to reestablish order. Granting the infamous Kan Ki the perfect opportunity to overtake Gyou, yet no one took it. But, there’s a reason why this was never carried out. The cities had leaders and these leaders kept records of every citizen. I hate to say it, but Qin invaded Zhao with a less than perfect plan and expected to succeed, really? And, if food was always a key component why not take extra measures to make sure it doesn’t become an issue. I’m very disappointed with the veterans of this crusade. The question remains, was something considered, anything, just to get soldiers in?

Ch.516 Pg.08

Kingdom / Chapter 552
« on: March 19, 2018, 03:08:48 pm »
Will Yo Tan Wa allow Heki to sacrifice himself? I don’t know. Maybe not. Believe it or not, he represents a lot. Not that he’s the reason why they are here instead he reminds Yo Tan Wa what's at stake. She chose long ago to support Qin’s King. Then again, Heki could surprise us all. He’s not an idiot and according to his stats above average but from what we've seen lately this is questionable. Personally, I like Heki and have nothing against him. Maybe this is his time to grow as well. Maybe this is where Heki breaks out of his shell and transforms, if you get my drift. Does anybody know if his army has any strong, intelligent, and experienced soldiers? People he can rely on to get things done. Hmm...I can't think of any.
Ch.552 Pg.20

I get the hint that the three tribes Yo Tan Wa appointed to kill the three brothers (Goba, Bwen, and Tork) are more than just the mightiest members currently in her entire army. I betcha the Mera tribe has special abilities and get things done lots different than we’re used to.
Ch.552 Pg.10

Why is old man Enpo's attire different from what the tribe people wear? It looks more like what plains folk wear. Or - is he now, or maybe once long ago, a member of an assassin clan?
Ch.552 Pg.10~11

Kingdom / Chapter 551
« on: March 13, 2018, 08:17:18 am »
It doesn’t look good for any of the three armies. Does Ou Sen have an alternate plan? What is plan B? Is this the best that Ou Sen can do?

I don’t know why but I doubt the authenticity of messengers on both sides. I have trouble believing that they are who they say they are. Who’s to say that they are not impostors?

I didn’t expect to see Ri Shi.

Compared to the mountain tribes Heki and his men look exhausted.

I don’t expect Yo Tan Wa to lose her life here but this battle seems to be impossible to win unless they work a miracle. Somebody needs to slay Shun Sui Ju so I can feel better.

Ch.551 Pg.20

Kingdom / Chapter 550
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:21:26 pm »
We don't have an official number but I imagine the loss of life on both sides is astronomical. But, when I take a look at the panel where Kyou Kai and the HSU stand over all the grisly corpses, I can’t help but think that Zhao is probably in worse shape.

More and more, I see Zhao leveraging the success of this war on a single object - provisions. At first, I thought Shun Sui Ju just got lucky wiping out half of Heki’s food supply, however, according to chapter 516, this was all an orchestrated effort from the very beginning by Ri Boku to crush Qin’s invading army. I think, that somewhere in that genius mind of his, Ou Sen alone understands the complexity of this venture, possibly why he prepared for it as much as he could and why he hijacked all the food from Gyou’s neighboring cities.

Ch.516 Pg.04

Kingdom / Chapter 549
« on: February 27, 2018, 05:37:10 pm »

Ch.549 Pg.019   Shin is spent, but Gyuo’un is not? What happened?

Ch.549 Pg.012   Ou Hon looks more concerned with Shin’s fight than his own.

Ch.549 Pg.014   Shin finally acknowledges that he now knows how to use Ou Ki’s glaive. I guess from this point forward it won’t
                         be a hindrance. Its weight and size won’t factor against him instead, it will work for him. That's good news.

Ch.549 Pg.017   Gyou’un notices that the battleground is drenched in blood.

Ch.541 Pg.018   If I remember correctly this is the same ground that his master predicted that he and Chou Ga Ryuu would
                         slaughter the enemy drove after drove. Sadly, I think he got it wrong.

Ch.549 Pg.018   This scene is so freaking amazing, it's Priceless!

Kingdom / Chapter 548
« on: February 21, 2018, 03:19:07 pm »
What type of an instinctual is Gyou’un? And, why do I get the feeling he’s stalling Shin? It’s as if he’s purposely keeping Shin from joining the real battle in the center. I wonder if he already knew, well in advance, that Shin was an instinctual as well. When I first read that an instinctual talent awoke within Shin, I researched it. I discovered three distinct types of intuition: ordinary, expert, and strategic. Gut instinct, a feeling we sometimes get, is considered ordinary intuition. Expert intuition is snap judgments, when you instantly recognize something familiar and respond accordingly. Strategic intuition is insightful, in other words, a flash of insight. I believe Shin has gradually moved from ordinary intuition to expert intuition in this arc. Gyou’un, on the other hand, is difficult to gauge, but I’m going to say that he is similar to Kei Sha, a general of strategic intuition but with more muscle. Using flashes of insight to devise a plot on the spot, and why I think he’s prepared something special for the HSU. Sounds counterintuitive but it’s the best way I can describe it.

Kingdom / Chapter 547
« on: February 12, 2018, 02:55:23 pm »
Gyou’un thinks luck delivered Shin and his men to him but he’s wrong, dead wrong! They are there because of Shin. It’s no accident. Anyway, I think these guys are stronger than the men that accompany Shin. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that they are evenly matched which I seriously doubt coz the men that usually accompany a general can be deemed as elite so they should have the upper hand. Will they fare well? Or will they crumble?

Ch.547 Pg.10   Sorry, but no stroke of luck. It's called Shin-stinc-tual. Gyou'un should know this.

Ch.547 Pg.17  Gyou'un acknowledges that Ou Ki's glaive is more than just a tool.

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