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Magi / A theory about Assimilation;
« on: January 13, 2015, 07:11:16 pm »
Please correct me if I am completely out of line here, but I have a deep on-going theory that has been running through my head for awhile now. Actually ever since Drakon assimilated in the Dragon-like beast we know now from the Sinbad manga.

Seeing the Arc for Alma Torran I have done tons of thinking and came to the conclusion that since Ugo turned every race into Human Beings when he made the new world; I'm thinking that assimilation is a means of reverting those back to their true form. I mean Magicians, or rather those who have the capability to use magic might as well be humans that were tortured before the days that Ill Illah gave them magic and thus one of the reasons why they don't get along with the Djinn and Metal Vessel users. Though those chosen by Magi might be those remaining races and with their household vessels being able to assimilate (or change form) I feel it's just a means of reversion to what their ancestors use to look like due to magic flowing through them.

Like I said, you can correct me if I'm out of line, or direct me to someone who already discussed this, but it's just me.

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