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Recruitment / Redrawer - Alnim
« on: August 01, 2017, 06:34:37 pm »
Username: Alnim
Version of Photoshop: CS6
Time zone: GMT/UTC - 4h during Standard Time
Age Group: 18-21
Availability Schedule: I am available most days if notified. I am free from now till Septemeber, but when college starts I will be able to work about 8-10 hours a week depending on my schedule.
Preferred Projects: I am very interested in "Shoukoku no Altair", "Gin No Saji", "Hakkenden", and maybe "Kinou no Tabi". But I am willing to definitely help in any other projects.
Previous work/experience: I am currently studying Computer Science, and I have quite a bit of Photoshop experience in drawing in designing. I also tried practicing redrawing manga and it was really fun restoring art that didn't even exist before.

Also, I have tested out of all four years of college Japanese, so if there is any translating or proofreading work required I am glad to help, as reading a manga early has its own excitement.

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