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Title: Chapter 602
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What? Did A Kou die? When?

I'll be back because I need to confirm this.

Update... I couldn't find anything that expressly states that A Kou is dead. 8)

What Ou Sen’s army needs is a touch of instinct with their maneuvers because the Zhao generals are way too fluent in tactics matching Qin’s every move. They need to change the tone or this is going to take a while but maybe not, especially now that Ri Boku has gone on the offence and all because of the urgent news from Gyou which can only mean one thing, that it is in their best interest to defeat Qin asap because they cannot continue to feed the civilians any longer. I hope this is the reason because it is the only thing that makes enough sense to me unless there’s some other event taking place behind the walls of Gyou for example discord between the people. We need to remember that not everyone inside is from the same city, same country, but not the same municipality so there may be some conflict that may have slowly generated out of control by now, it is plausible.
Title: Re: Chapter 602
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Wouldn’t it be possible for Gyou to have already fallen? Kanki is smart and unorthodox, I can see him pulling it of. Also Ousen sent the guys who burned the food stores and he launched his army first, this seems to be all part of his plan. I agree with what you said about trouble inside the city. I could see the Gyou natives coming into conflict with the refugees over the limited amount of food remaining.

Ps: I think they explicitly stated that Akou was heavily injured but not dead
Title: Re: Chapter 602
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It's possible. I wouldn't put it past him, who knows Kan Ki may have already found a way to incite trouble inside Gyou even going as far as to agitate the civilians to help move things along a little more quickly. Because, I can't see him just sitting there and not try to attempt anything, especially after Ma Ron voiced his concern about lifting the siege when a single day of rations is all that remains. 

Perhaps, what the opening narrative intends to propose is that A Kou is mortally wounded which will eventually lead to his death, or that he is in a coma/unresponsive and why he's unable to participate for the time being. It’s possible for the meaning of some words to sometimes get lost in translation but this one just impacts the storyline and it comes a surprise to me since I’m such a fanatic of Kingdom and try not to miss a beat. :)
Title: Re: Chapter 602
Post by: Cijazzle on June 07, 2019, 03:13:38 am
I agree with you on both counts. Kanki is too crafty to just stay idle. Also there is definitely big parts of Ousen’s plan we are not aware of yet. As for Akou, most likely a nuance lost in translation as you said.

My questions for what’s next are this:

1.What is Ousen trying to do? So far it seems like Riboku has been going along what Ousen has planned but Riboku is definitely gonna pull some moves to counteract Ousen’s strategy (once he figures it out)

2.Are we going to see Shin killing Houken? Or are we gonna see him badly injure or kill Mouten?

3. Is another officer of the Hi Shin going to die? Considering the heavy foreshadowing of important character dying, Sousha’s death feels like it’s « not enough » and other important characters are gonna die

4. I feel like Akakin is definitely going to get more attention in the future, but I am not sure how. Most likely route would be for him to become part of Ouhon’s unit. In that vein, most great generals of the heaven have a handful of « general class » subordinates in their retinue. Shin has Kyoukai and Ten (I think Naki might become one of those two, we haven’t seen all he can do. Ouhon has his wing commander and Mouten has this young lieutenant who’s name I forget. But those three are gonna recruit more exceptional followers and I think Akakin is going to be one of them 
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Funny, coz I have similar questions about this whole invasion as I'm sure others do. Maybe we can shed some light on it.

If not for the tidbits contributed by other characters Ou Sen would be a complete enigma. Ri Boku on the other hand is a little more transparent which is not a good thing because if we know what he plans to do then what’s keeping Ou Sen from knowing as well. More importantly the report from Gyou seems to have thrown a wrench in his plans forcing him to take an offensive stance which I guarantee Ou Sen will use to his advantage. Ri Boku’s main aim for winning this war was always clear, to do as little as possible believing that malnutrition would do most of the work for them. Sounds kinda pathetic when you think about it. And now, he’s changed his tune. What happened to overall experience? The kind great generals rarely lack. As for Ou Sen, his core strategy has always been about manipulation.

If he could it would be great, but I’m not sure how he would do it. Hou Ken isn’t on the menu Ri Boku is. He would have to intercept Shin and I’m not convinced we’ll see him again at least not on this side of the battlefield.

That would have to be Kyou Kai because she takes too many risks for the HSU.

It’s probably impossible but I wouldn’t mind A Ka Kin joining the HSU. His rough personality would likely clash with Ou Hon’s.
Title: Re: Chapter 602
Post by: god_of_kings on June 09, 2019, 08:11:28 am
We should not forget that mou ten still has to handle kisui, it seems kisui already realized wat mouten is intending and he might end up defeating qin left and flank atk central instead, and I m imagining a repeat of the scenario like first day of qin left where ousen defends and shin atks the aggressive riboku army HQ from behind, where he will no doubt, meet houken