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Title: Chapter 576
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Crazy gossip, right? Definitely, GoT drama! The truth is, I don’t know what to think about this new twist concerning Ou Hon’s birthright. Is it true? Is Ou Hon a bastard? Or is he truly the offspring of blue blood? I don’t know, but I am beginning to understand why he treats Shin the way he does. I think it is why he didn’t press the issue when Ou Sen failed to consent with the proposal, that he should take command of the right. And, it’s obvious why he doesn’t want to talk about it. The last thing he wants is a rumor if in fact it is a rumor to spread. So who is his old man? Is it Kan Ki? Is there, and was there…ever, a love triangle between them? Then again, the whole thing could just be a distraction because we luv those, am I right? So, is Ou Hon a distraction to Ou Sen or is it the other way around?

Ch.576 Pg.19
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Isn’t it unusual that Ou Sen didn’t say anything about Ou Hon taking command? Even more so at a time like this when A Kou’s men could notably benefit. What would A Kou say? Even Ten, who’s military experience is years behind Ou Sen knows the significance of quickly taking command and control. A factor that can influence the flow of battle simply by affecting dynamics thus changing how they engage not only as a small group but as a whole. You know, Ou Sen could be thinking to himself, ‘Damn it boy! Why are you asking me this? Act like my son even if you are not and take command, already!’ Could be, that he just wants Ou Hon to put to rest the rumor that he’s not his legitimate son, cause I don’t see any other siblings ready to take over the family business anyway. In any case, it’s not uncommon in this era to think this way and doubt the legitimacy of your own offspring, especially when you find that the majority of beautiful city women are associated in one way or another with a harem. Or, she’s royalty with an insatiable appetite for fornication just like Ei Sei’s mom. We simply don’t know anything about Ou Sen’s relationship and even less about his family lineage.
Title: Re: Chapter 576
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nice  :) :)