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Title: Chapter 544
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This is a first, Shin schooling Ten on the simple aim of this particular tactic. Bravo, Shin! I hope we see more of this in the future but the star here is the kid whose exceptional skill as an archer is not only abnormal it is rare. Only a handful possess such talent but imagine if more of the archers in the HSU could manage the accuracy, the distance, as well as the number of volleys in concurrent fashion. Sadly, no one except his brother shares this trait, and it is he, and his bro, whose special ability levels the playing for the newbies giving them the opportunity to turn things around before it gets worse. Also, props to Suu Gen and his fierce troops. They don’t get the acclaim they duly deserve. And lol, you’ve got to love the pose. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen these guys before what an intimidating bunch.

Ch.544 Pg.019