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xxShoukoku no Altair Chapter 85

Today at 03:59:56 am by murakumo | Views: 63 | Comments: 0

Shoukoku no Altair

Everyone's gone back to school now and RealLifeā„¢ is busy, so we might have to change Altair's schedule soon. Even so, we're always working to release it asap!

Read Online: SE Reader - Download: Zippy

xxKingdom Chapter 494

October 23, 2016, 06:23:09 am by Xyros | Views: 5633 | Comments: 1


This chapter was not fun to clean, especially Shoubunkun's clothes! In other news we finally got a redrawer and he's no slouch!

Enjoy the chapter~

Read Online: SE Reader
Download: Turnip Farmers

xxThe Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess Chapter 14

October 19, 2016, 01:22:58 pm by toushi | Views: 1443 | Comments: 0

The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess

Finally a new chapter comes out after a couple of omakes. Those are included at the end of the chapter.



Read Online: SE Reader
Download: Zippy

xxMagi the Labyrinth of Magic Chapter 324 & Adventure of Sinbad Chapter 119

October 17, 2016, 03:51:01 am by Royalblue | Views: 7529 | Comments: 4

Magi & Sinbad

Sorry for the long wait.

Enjoy the chapter~

We are looking for typesetters urgently! So please apply!

Raws/Vote/Comment - Vote/Comment Guide
Read Online: Sense Reader- Download: Zippy

Read Online: Sense Reader

xxKingdom Chapter 493

October 16, 2016, 03:46:38 am by Xyros | Views: 5567 | Comments: 1


Bet you didn't expect this! Here's to more steady releases!

Enjoy the chapter~

We are looking for Redrawers for Kingdom urgently! Please apply!

Read Online: SE Reader
Download: Turnip Farmers


Refresh History
  • Xyros: @CriimSiin you don't need to buy photoshop, you can just pirate(like the rest of us :p) it and it doesn't demand a laptop or some expensive computer
    October 23, 2016, 01:27:51 am
  • Xyros: That's why they are always ahead of us
    October 23, 2016, 01:22:52 am
  • Xyros: The Korean scans are also released days before the official release in Japan. We get raws LEGALLY on the official release, while the Koreans get it ILLEGALLY.
    October 23, 2016, 01:22:12 am
  • murakumo: @Eiryu spoilers can come out days before the chapter is even officially published in Japan
    October 23, 2016, 12:51:54 am
  • solomon7916: I just wait and when it is out it is out.
    October 22, 2016, 09:07:00 pm
  • Eiryu: Oh, I realize they're different. I guess I just didn't realize that the spoilers didn't mean "new chapter has been released" ^_^*
    October 22, 2016, 07:55:51 pm
  • CriimSiin: @Royal Blue thanks for the update on the status of it =)
    October 22, 2016, 07:07:46 pm
  • CriimSiin: I don't have the fancy programs, don't have the money for the programs, nor the laptop to run said programs so please tell me how I can help and I will gladly help.
    October 22, 2016, 07:06:53 pm
  • Royalblue: @CriimSiin yeah we are trying to catch back up on Sinbad, redrawer for it has been busy. There was a note at the end of the last chapter 324 that there is no chapter in the coming week.
    October 22, 2016, 07:05:36 pm
  • Royalblue: @Eiryu, its ok but hopefully others will be able to notice that the spoilers and our site are completely different ;)
    October 22, 2016, 07:04:43 pm
  • murakumo: Maybe you could train to help out instead of just making demands?
    October 22, 2016, 06:56:58 pm
  • CriimSiin: Maybe you all can work on catching up on Sinbad when Magi is on break ( you are a few behind)
    October 22, 2016, 06:21:38 pm
  • CriimSiin: All this confusion could have have been avoided if someone went "no chapter this week 10/22 (or whatever)"
    October 22, 2016, 06:20:00 pm
  • Eiryu: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset. I didn't know...and it looks like at least one other person didn't understand, either.
    October 22, 2016, 04:44:14 pm
  • Royalblue: There is no magi this week. The spoilers are leaked early for next week's issue. Unless you would like to provide us with said early raws, please do not expect us to release at the pace of these spoilers. Thanks.
    October 22, 2016, 04:08:15 pm
  • murakumo: Doesn't mean we have our hq raws yet...
    October 22, 2016, 11:23:34 am
  • CriimSiin: Actually the spoilers for Magi 325 are already out.
    October 22, 2016, 10:45:52 am
  • Xyros: Because when there's no raws. then there's no chapter
    October 22, 2016, 09:32:35 am
  • murakumo: When the magazine takes a break, so do we
    October 22, 2016, 08:54:12 am
  • Eiryu: Will MAgi 325 be up this weekend or are you taking a break as well?
    October 21, 2016, 09:13:48 pm
  • Goryachiy_Zavtrak: @Rayalblue - I will apply tommorow, and also, I suppose there is 119,120 which Were out a month ago before hiatus.
    October 17, 2016, 01:02:35 pm
  • addiaddi: D8 don't be mean kev ;;;
    October 15, 2016, 11:32:12 pm
  • milnivek: no
    October 15, 2016, 10:40:40 pm
  • addiaddi: psstt we're also looking for a ts for boe (let me free)
    October 15, 2016, 09:26:50 pm
  • Royalblue: @Goryachiy_Zavtrak we do still need a typesetter for Silver Spoon but at the same time it is also on hiatus so... yeah. but please apply. And no, your timezone doesn't matter.
    October 14, 2016, 12:06:01 am
  • toushi: The past 2 chapters that were supposed to come out were just omakes, chapter 14 just came out a couple of days ago and we are working on it
    October 12, 2016, 05:47:57 pm
  • Simie: Thanks for all your work translating it so far, it's been brilliant.
    October 12, 2016, 02:02:03 pm
  • Simie: Hi, is the Twilight Princess manga on hold for a while? I haven't seen any updates about it recently
    October 12, 2016, 02:01:33 pm
  • Xyros: We could really use more redrawers, but you can still apply as a typesetter or better yet for both positions. And no, it's not a problem
    October 12, 2016, 09:13:42 am

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